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Here are just some of the unaltered testimonies we have received...

After my husband and I had met with Dr.Ken and Lynn we signed up immediately with Hope for Families, we really felt comfortable with them. They explained everything about the adoption process and answered all our questions.  We were then matched so quickly we could not believe it.  When the time came that our baby was going to be born we had to head out to the hospital in the middle of the night and we had a very long ride, Dr. Ken and Lynn were on the phone with us throughout the night. Once we arrived to the hospital Dr.Ken and Lynn stayed in contact with us as well as the birth mother the entire time we were there, we were so nervous and scared but they made everything go so smoothly.  Once we left the hospital they stayed on top of everything to make sure everyone was ok. They showed that they really care for all of us. I can not thank them enough for everything that they have done for us and the way they handled everything. Because of Dr.Ken and Lynn we are so fortunate to have our little baby.



I came across HFF online, and called Lynn instantly. My husband and I met with them that same day. Dr. Brown and Lynn explained the entire process.

There was no doubt that HFF was the perfect agency for us. Our background and home study took less than 3 months. And we got matched 5 months after. Lynn and Ken picked an amazing birth mom for us. Our BM was out-of-state. We didn't have to worry, because Lynn or Ken always stayed in touch with our birth mom and kept us up-to-date.

We brought our baby girl home a week after her birth. Lynn called us the same day of the delivery to see how baby was doing. And she called daily to see how we were adapting as first time parents.
We are grateful for HFF for creating our family, and we hope to use them again in the future. I have recommended HFF to a few of my friends already.


We met Ken and Lynn, the owners of Hope For Families, almost 4 years ago in 2013. After a long online search for the perfect agency fit to finally become parents. We knew instantly after one phone call that we had finally met the perfect team to make that happen. Ken was so incredibly loving and understanding. Lynn so full of life, love and a straight shooter. A woman after my own heart. Most importantly, they were both Christians. It was almost like the heavens had smiled on us in arranging our connection. We couldn't have been more ecstatic. Shortly after our initial meeting, we secured Hope For Families as our agency and entered into their Newborn Program. We also began the process of our home study. Having been out of state posed a few challenges but, nothing that Hope For Families wasn't ready for. 
Disclaimer 1: Hope For Families is a smaller agency. So, things can be a bit disheveled and unorganized at times. However, you have to ask yourself what's most important to you 1) Is it important that the agency that you work with be organized and get everything right the first time (or) 2) Is it important that the agency that you work with care and stop at nothing to get the job done. 
After our home study was completed Hope For Families got fast to work. It was just several weeks later that they started presenting our profile to birthmoms. About 3 - 4 months later we were officially matched. I couldn't believe it. It was a beautiful situation. Our birthmom was amazing and we had an equally amazing relationship. When we were matched she was probably about 7 - 8 months pregnant. A few months later a beautiful baby boy was born and we were proud parents. The absolute happiest day of our lives. The only thing looming was that the birthfather had been served a notice of 'Intent to Adopt'; and from the date of being served he had 30 days to appeal. So, in the meantime, I settled in Florida and took care of my beautiful newborn baby boy; while also awaiting the process to run it's course. It was probably about 3 weeks later that the unimaginable happened. The birthfather came forward and contested the adoption on the 30th day. Which was the last day possible for him to contest. I completely began to internally spin out of control; not quite understanding what any of this meant. I had been caring for my beautiful baby boy since the day that he was born. After about 24 - 48 hours we decided that we didn't want to fight against a parent who clearly wanted to raise their own child. It just didn't set well with us. So, about 72 hours later we and Hope For Families arranged to return our baby boy back to his birthmom. It was probably the most devastating thing that we have ever had to do. Life-changing devastation. It was essentially morning the death of a child. One that you would no longer: see, hold, kiss, rear, love, etc. We were broken into a million pieces. As much as anyone in such a heart-wrenching time, we looked for someone to blame. The truth of the matter is that Hope For Families did everything that they possibly could. Or, as much as an agency in this dilemma could, for that matter. We hire agencies to do a job but, no one can ever prepare for this. No one. Agencies can only do their job and try to help you bring a baby home. However, they cannot prevent birthparents from contesting. So, it's very important that be clear. Continuing on, prior to returning home Ken gave us a guarantee to rematch at no additional agency fees. We would only be responsible for the birthmother fees. It is important to note that in the state of Florida, NO AGENCY IS OBLIGATED TO REMATCH. Further, especially without charging any ADDITIONAL AGENCY FEES. So, that alone should let you know their heart and commitment to what they do. Shortly after it all, I was home enduring the silence of what was suppose to be an air filled with infant coos and cries. There are no words. Understanding that I was in a fragile state, Lynn told me to let her know when I was ready to begin the process again. During that time she checked-in via calls/texts. It was inevitable after such a harsh time to develop an incredible bond. Lynn became my strength and voice of reasoning. Just an amazing soul-sister. There are no words for her love, concern and commitment. She was such an invaluable piece of the whole puzzle for me. It was probably just a little shy of a year when we were ready to saddle back up and face the rodeo again. Definitely wounded and afraid, we gave it another try. So, we started by updating our home study and all necessary documents; then informing Hope For Families when they were completed. Once all paperwork was in order, Lynn got fast to work. It was just within several weeks and she had already begun meeting/presenting our package to birthmoms. I think there may have been one or two that we agreed to pass on. However, just a few weeks later we were presented and matched again. Cha-ching! The birthmom was probably about 3 - 4 months along. Another match made in heaven. The birthmom and birthfather were just phenomenal. They were already the proud parents of two beautiful babies and were just not financially sound to parent another baby at the time. So, this time, both the birthmom and the birthfather were in agreement. Which meant that the birthfather was willing to wave his parental rights right up front. Something that all of us had hoped and prayed for. So, shortly after, Ken and Lynn went and met with them both to assure that they would honored their word; by having the birthfather sign-off his parental rights . Sure enough, he did. It was such a settling moment. Especially, after the last catastrophe. We no longer had that to worry about. From there, Hope For Families arranged all of our financial obligations to the birthmom and even set-up weekly check-ins. Knowing that I was still so very damaged, Lynn even offered to facilitate the calls. Upon which she did until we were comfortable enough to make them on our own. 
Disclaimer 2: Know that none of this is scripted. This process can be grueling at times. And, indeed, it was for sure. Even the second time around, as amazing as the birthmom and birthfather were, there were times when they didn't make the weekly calls. Or, didn't respond to calls/texts. So, as one can imagine, you began to get anxious and concerned. That was quite the case in both matches for us. So, know that a perfectly smooth match is the anomaly. Most matches will come with great levels of stress and uncertainty. So, you must be prepared for the rollercoaster ride of emotions. All, upon which, are status quo. 
As calls continued, Lynn scheduled a few face-to-face meetings just to show some presence. Lynn is so amazing with her birthmoms. She loves on them but, also gives them hard advice. She seems to strike the perfect balance with them. It's actually pretty amazing to witness. Time seems to pass very slowly, of course as your waiting, but their is never a time when Hope For Families is not working behind the scenes. I saw it firsthand for myself. They are really a pretty incredible team. A close knit bunch. From the Front Office Manager, Jan, to the team of bright lawyers that they work with. We had the absolute pleasure of working with Kim Cunzo. AMAZING! That's all that I can say about her. She worked with us both times. I have such an affinity for her, her talent, her attention to detail and her follow through. She gets the job done and has a pretty funny sense of humor. Laughs are golden during this process. Even though I think she found my snap-back comments more amusing. Months passed by and our birthmom grew closer to her due date; our relationship flourished and grew stronger. She was just an amazing young lady. Eventually, we got a call that she possibly was going into labor. So, I gathered my pre-packed suitcases and booked my travel to Florida. Later that evening we were told that it was 'Braxton Hicks' but, that she could go into labor soon. Hope For Families encouraged me to proceed with my travel plans. After my husband and I had time to process it all and discuss; I did follow through with my travel plans and boarded a flight to Florida that evening. It was important that I be there for the birthmom because of the relationship that we had built and for the birth of my baby 'girl.' Yup, this time we found out that we were having a little girl. Once I arrived and got settled in Florida, I let the birthmom and birthfather know that I was officially there. Between the time of my arrival and the birth, the birthmom and I had quite a few outings together which were just priceless. She really became like a little sister.  Just sweet, intelligent and so incredibly kind. One afternoon she called me and said, "I think its time." I couldn't believe it. My heart was racing and beating out of my chest. So, I got up, got dressed, drove to picked her and the birthfather up and headed to the hospital. When we got to the hospital she was only 3 centimeters dilated. So, they sent us home. Knowing that the time was close, we went to a local strip mall and walked, walked and walked. Her contractions became closer together and stronger. Still not ready to return to the hospital. We got a hotel room close by so that she could sleep. In just a few hours, we were on our way back to the hospital. This time it was showtime. An hour or so later, our beautiful baby girl was born. It was then, that my husband flew in after having to stay behind due to his obligations at work. 72 hours after that, the birthmom signed off her parental rights. It was just a very exciting, scary, anxious and beautiful time. We were finally parents. Shortly after, my husband returned home, back to work. While we stayed behind awaiting our 'Interstate Compact' to be completed. I.C. is the approval process involving both the birth state of the child and your residing state; to officially return home with your adoptive child. In our case, our newborn baby girl. Hope For Families and Cunzo Law did an amazing job of getting me home in just right about 2 weeks. Upon, returning we had 3 post placement visits via an licensed agency in our residing city, state. A few months after that, we finalized our adoption via a telephonic call with Cunzo Law and the courts back in Florida. I was amazed at how seamless the process was. Hope For Families and Cunzo Law outdid themselves with helping us be well prepared. Upon returning home to the date of finalization was about 4 months. To date, we are still in contact with our beautiful birthmom and keep her updated via pictures and videos.
If I may keep it candid, the whole adoption process is one heck of an undertaking. Its financially, emotionally and physically taxing. I had a very difficult time with managing my wide range of emotions. I developed anxiety, insomnia and acid reflux during the process. I share this not to deter you in any way but, because I need for you to understand that as beautiful as the idea is of fulling your dreams of becoming a parent via adoption; please prepare yourself for what could possibly be one of the most colorful journey's of your lifetime. Not all birthmoms are as wonderful as ours were. Which can make your experience that much more difficult. Some are addicts, con-artists and exceptionally damaged . However, some are just really amazing women who have had to face this incredibly difficult decision of placing their child up for adoption for one reason or another. Whatever the case, Hope For Families has proven themselves well-deserving of my utmost respect and trust. We didn't always agree but, their commitment and dedication far out ways any differences that we may have had. They are well proven and well worth hiring to get any family through this process. We couldn't be more happy to have shared our story with you. May God's love and grace be with you during this amazing walk. 
Godspeed, J & A

My husband and I started the adoption process December 2015, after many miscarriages.  We got a call from Lynn on Mother’s Day 2016 saying we got matched, she couldn’t have picked a better day. We had tears of joy rolling down our faces. We spoke with the birth mom the next day. We are so grateful for our beautiful birth mom for picking us as the adopted parents. She is a true “hero” for picking life for this “bundle of joy” who is due December.

Lynn or Ken never left us hanging. One or the other was present for every phone call and always keep us informed about the birthmother. They bring so much comfort to us.  You can call day or night, and they will be pleased to help out. Thank you for always being there for our birth mom as well. You are both “angels” on earth. We have all become “family”. Thank you Lynn, Dr. Ken, and the entire staff for always being there for us.



They say adoption is not for the faint of heart.

It is true but we can honestly say that Hope for Families stood beside us through it all. We found Hope for Families through Facebook after being unhappy with our previous agency. Hope for Families was extremely responsive and we felt very at ease with Lynn and Ken. They truly care about their adoptive parents, expectant mothers and birthmothers. We matched very quickly the first time but it failed two weeks before the baby was born. We matched again about 3-4 months later only to have that match fail. At that point we truly hit rock bottom and began to wonder if it was ever going to happen. We wont lie, it was a dark time for us and we had a very hard time feeling positive. But Lynn and Ken always had positive words of encouragement and prayerful hopes for us. They continued to tell us (and show us) that they would stick by us until we had our baby. We truly felt like there was no hope but exactly as their name states, there is always a hope for family. We finally got the news of a third potential match and they knew without a doubt that this was a perfect match for all of us and sure enough, we gaze every day now at our beautiful son. We almost gave up and threw in the towel but Lynn and Ken encouraged us to believe and have faith that it would happen. Not many people can say that their agency cares about them but Hope for Families truly does! Thank you Lynn and Ken for continuing to encourage us and helping us find our happy ending!


Dear Hope for Families,

We would like to write a testimony to tell everyone of our wonderful experience with Hope For Families. We have been on a long road and journey to achieve starting our family. We have gone through many years of medical procedures in the hopes of starting our family. After many attempts with no success we decided to look into adoption. We came across Hope For Families while searching online. We were in contact  with hope for families for a little less than a year while we finished up our last couple medical procedures. After we got our finances together we started our journey with Hope For Families to begin the adoption process. First we set up a meeting with Lynn and Ken who are an absolutely a wonderful couple. After our meeting we were very pleased with their knowledge of the field and with the level of comfort they made us feel about moving forward. Shortly after that we set up our first step which is the home study where they came to our home and we spent a few hours talking about our life and theirs. They took a walk through our home to see if it would be a suitable environment for raising a child which they said we did a great job of getting our home ready since we did do a list of things to make our home baby ready. We passed our home study and got on the road to becoming parents through adoption! Within a short period of time much quicker than usual we were blessed with a beautiful baby. Within that short amount of time we meet the staff at Hope For Families. Everyone there was very considerate of our lives and they are always eager to help out in any way. Ken and Lynn are a very loving couple that know their field to a science which made it very easy for us to move forward in all the steps with ease and success. Hope for Families are very competitive with their cost which helped us move so quickly to have such a beautiful baby and even more beautiful family.  Hope for Families worked very hard in helping our birth mother to get more stable in her living situations. Between taking her to doctors appointments, ensuring she had all necessary health needs, and actually going shopping with her to the store for clothing. They kept in good contact with her throughout the entire pregnancy and ensured that she was doing well. They kept us informed of everything that was vital for us to know about our birth mother, with the health of the baby, with the birth mothers feelings on her decision to let us be her babies adoptive parents and other important details. After our baby was born it was also a great experience to go to the hospital and spend as much time as we wanted, which was almost 24/7. The staff at that hospital are very familiar with Hope For Families. After a several days of visiting the hospital the staff and us grew close and they gave us more than enough information on things we can do as new parents for taking care of the baby.  We are now in the step of awaiting our few months of final home visits with Ken and Lynn to see how everything is going at home with our baby. After a few visits and a few months we will go to the courts where a judge will grant us final legal custody of our bundle of joy. Our experience has been a great one and a successful one. We cant explain how happy and grateful we are that our Hope For Families have given us our dream come true. Thank you Lynn, Ken, the entire staff and everyone that played a part in such a wonderful outcome. 

-Ivan and Liz

Hope for Families,

“There are no words that can truly describe our experience. We had no clue what a wonderful journey that lie ahead of us. Lynn and Ken are two of the most amazing people we have ever met. Through GOD, and Lynn and Ken, we were matched with our birthparents. Lynn or Ken never left us hanging. One or the other was present for every phone and and every meeting with the birthmother. They brought so much comfort to us through the entire adoption. Call day or night, same question as the day before and they will be pleased to help out. Always glad to hear from you the first call to now that our son is a year old. They have a passion and gift to help out adoptive parents and take every birthmother serious and watch over them and make sure they have everything at their fingertips to get them through a healthy pregnancy, as if they were family. It meant the world to us that even after the pregnancy Ken and Lynn counselled our birthparents through their road to recovery for free and seemed more than pleased to do so. Lynn builds such a great bond with the birthmother so her decision for adoption is truly what she desires. We showed up 7 days before our sons due date and they treated us as if we were family visiting from out of town. Showing us around town and taking us to some great places to eat even the first night in town. We truly believe that Lynn and Ken have a wonderful relationship with God and that through him they work wonders. We had such an amazing experience becoming a family thanks to Hope for Families. We are hoping to start the process again in 2016 and could not imagine going through anyone else but Hope for Families.”

-A & T

Dear Ken and the entire Hope for Families Adoption Family,

“We want to thank you  for being amazing and wonderful to work with. We never thought we would have a child that was ours, and then one day we were blessed with someone offering us a baby. Everything for us happened so fast due to the circumstances.  We felt so blessed that we were going to get this wonderful baby, however we were overwhelmed with everything that came with adopting a baby and it was not something we were looking at or prepared for.
By some miracle we found your wonderful organization, who guided us through everything we needed to do and made us feel very confident that we would get all this done, even under the time frame we had. You were our angels and working with you to get our home study completed , made things so much easier. The way you handled everything so quickly and efficiently was absolutely wonderful, thank you for being patient and caring and understanding of craziness during this process.  Hope for Families and all the staff are absolutely wonderful. We would not be the happy family we are if it wasn't for them.”

-Kevin and Dee 

Hope for Families,

“You took us from a family of two to a family of three. Adoption is a long and often exhausting journey and we had been traveling it for almost 3 years when we found Hope for Families. We were impressed with being treated like people instead of a file number, the honesty of the agency and their obvious commitment immediately. We were so happy to see that the women that come to the agency for help to find homes for their children are ALSO treated as very special people who deserve and receive love and counsel from Hope for Families as they move through a brave and difficult decision. Before being blessed with our beautiful daughter we experienced a failed match. Hope for Families handled the situation with complete and total integrity. It was absolutely astounding to see in "this day and age" so much truth, compassion and caring for both sides of the equation. Although it was difficult to go through a failed match we never doubted for an instant that Hope for Families would come through for us and help us complete our dream. And they did. Thank you and we love you.”

-Matt & Natalie

Dear Doctor Brown,

“We have been working with Hope for Families for a year now and we would recommend this agency to anyone looking to adopt especially through foster adoption and interstate foster adoption. We contacted several agencies prior to Hope for Families and didn't even receive a call back in several cases. We were on a list to adopt for infant adoption and with no contact with our agency for 6 months at a time. Dr. Brown and Jaymie were there for us for the entire process. This agency is easy to get in contact with and they are very knowledgeable about the legal aspects of adoption. Our children wouldn't be home if it wasn't for them, and our dream of being parents would never become true if it wasn't for them. Aside from their professionalism they gave us reassurance in times where we didn't think that our adoption would even happen and came through for us. They supported us and represented us to the other state involved. Adoption is hard, but working with people that care about placing children and creating families is crucial. They truly are in this for the family as a whole. Their motivation is definitely for finding children homes and the best for families. The fees paid pales in comparison to the amount of work and effort that is given by Hope for Families.” 


“Thank you so much for all your hard work on helping us to adopt our beautiful little girl!”

-Jill, Andrew & Hannah

Lynn and Ken,

“Thank you will never be enough for all your hard work, phone calls and answering my questions. This little bundle of joy is a true blessing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” 

Bless you! 


Ken & Lynn,

“We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us. Thank you again”.

Trish, Harold & Nicole

HFF Staff,

“Thank you for your wisdom, understanding, patience and support.”

-Jean and David

Dear Ken and Lynn,

“We will never be able to say thank you enough. You made what could have been a difficult situation a joyous celebration. We pray our heavenly father's blessing upon your lives.”

-R & J

Dear Dr. Ken and Lynn, 

“This has been the most wonderful year of our life thanks to you! We can't thank you enough for bringing a child into our life!” 


& T

Ken and Lynn,

“You have been such a blessing with both of our adoptions and we appreciate your ministry.” 

God bless,

-Lisa Bobby Ethan and Connor

Dear Ken and Lynn,

“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. Because of this service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Cor 9:12-15 NIV

Somehow, someway I'd like to let you know just how grateful I am to have you in my life! Thank you doesn't seem to be adequate, nothing does really! Your care and concern and kindness, and generosity that you have extended to me and my family is truly extravagant. I would truly be lost if it hadn't been for all your counseling and care and friendship. I really do thank God for you and I always will! You were both part of God's great rescue that he had in store for me. The great rescue of me and my sanity was through you both! I know that I am a better person because of your place and influence in my life. I am so grateful for you and everything you have done for me. 

I hope your day is fabulous and blessed and I hope you know that you are both gifts from God and I thank God for you a LOT! Be Blessed!”


Dear Dr. Kenneth Brown,

“On behalf of everyone at our Law Firm, I want to say thank you for the hard work and dedication that is placed into each Home Study. The quality of work that you complete is incomparable and we truly appreciate the care that each Client receives.”

Adoption Law Firm

"I would have to say This was a very stressful event for my daughter also me that led her down the path of hope. To have Lynn by my daughter's side every step of the way, Even the birth sweet prayers out loud all the way through. To have a loving caring soul to look out for every need; clothing, food, and very importantly medical attention in my daughters this saved her little baby girl. There was a time in life someone couldn't reach out for a mother in need as Lynn was there for this to unfold see my daughter thru also this precious baby that I'm able to know about as I am the Grand mother.The baby girl now in a precious loving family. Thank You So Much For Your Time."


Dearest HFF,

“Words cannot express what you did for my family. Our story was a Facebook fairytale orchestrated by Lynn and Ken and perfectly designed by GOD. It all started on July 7, 2014 when a situation was floating around on Facebook (Yes, a Facebook Adoption). After viewing the posting I called Hope For Families and to my surprise Lynn answered the phone. What I was most amazed by was the constant communication, encouragement, and attention that this agency gives it adoptive families and the birth mom. If you know the world of adoption, then you know that in a lot of cases it's more about the money but quite honestly we knew going into this process that we didn't have all of our money and Lynn was aware of that as well. Lynn never turned me away instead she gave me ideas and encouragement to extend our search financially. She took a leap of faith on me and my husband. My daughter was more than a business deal or adoption fee quota for this agency. The agency was open and as honest as they could be, while protecting me as well as birth mom. After speaking with birth mom on several occasions the birth mom chose us. The birth mom requested an African American family and I'm quite sure Lynn has many other Caucasian families home study ready....but they honored our birth mom's request and this all happened so fast that even today we are still amazed. Within 17 days I had my daughter in my arms. Even after getting my daughter we immediately had emotional support via Attorney Kim Cunzo. She was simply fabulous...the entire time I was waiting and getting weary about receiving clearance through ICPC...she never left my side. Whether it was Sat or Sun the agency and their attorney took our phone calls.

If you want an agency and attorney...a Dynamic Devoted Team for you and your birth parent. HOPE FOR FAMILIES is the only choice. We waited almost 2 years and the minute I got with this agency it was like a MIRACLE.” 
Warm Regards,
Dr. D. D.

Dear HFF,

"Our daughter was a blessing given to us in February of 2014. Her birthmother bravely put her into the hands of Lynn and Ken Brown and all the wonderful people of Hope For Families Adoption Agency. We had been waiting for about 2 years for a girl to adopt and throughout the process, everyone at Hope For Families was so supportive and caring. You would think that people who work in adoptions would be but our daughter was not the only child we adopted and - since we didn’t know about Hope For Families - we had
worked with other agencies that were not as caring and supportive. We never felt like any question or concern was stupid or wasting their time.  If we were to adopt again we would not work with any other agency but Hope For Families.
You feel like part of a family when you work with Lynn and Ken Brown."

-T & J

Dear Ken and Lynn,

“Words could never express just how thankful we are that God has brought yall into our lives! You both have made us feel so comfortable as we navigate our way through this process and for that we are truly grateful.”

-M & R

"Will always have a warm place in my heart For Hope For Families. Could not have two better people in my life to lead me on this journey. Even in the bad times they are right there. So refreshing. Thanks Ken and Lynn. You two are the perfect team.”

- Kellie                                                                                        

"Elated, joyful, hopeful, nervous scared... so many emotions ran through our heads as we received the call saying we had been matched with a birthmother and, by the way, the baby is due in 2 weeks! We had tried to have children for over 6 years unsuccessfully. When we first spoke with Lynn last December she was so positive and helpful that we knew Hope for Families was a good fit for us. In 10 months we got the call we never thought would come. Ken and Lynn are very warm, caring people. They prayed with us and for us throughout our journey. They sat with us as we waited for little Emma to be born. Sadly, on the day we were to sign papers, the birthmother changed her mind. We were devastated. Ken and Lynn met with us and wrapped us in hugs and prayers. That powerful love worked, because 4 days later we were holding our baby once more. It has been 2 months since Emma was born and they continue to offer words of encouragement and care as we work on finalizing our adoption. We couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people to help us complete our family!"

-B & J

"We are so blessed to have found Hope for Families! Not only did Ken and Lynn Brown help us by providing our follow-up visits from a previous adoption, but they helped us complete our family when we adopted our youngest child, our only daughter. Doctor Ken and Lynn Brown, along with their support staff, have made an eternal difference in countless lives because of their ministry. We cannot thank them enough!"

-T & J

"It had been six years since our last adoption, and we had no idea where to begin our journey. After finding Hope for Families on the Web, we hesitantly e-mailed Doctor Ken and Lynn Brown.
To our surprise and delight, Ken and Lynn called us the next morning and explained Florida laws and procedures regarding adoption and how an out-of-state adoption could work for us. They patiently answered our many questions and gave us the encouragement we needed to continue forward. After praying, we decided to contract with Hope for Families.
After matching with our birthmother a few weeks later, we were immediately impressed with the high level of care and concern Doctor Ken, Lynn, and their staff exhibited toward her. They reached out to her in love and made sure that her needs were addressed, yet they gave her the freedom to be independent and make decisions for herself and her baby.
We were equally touched by the level of openness Hope for Families showed toward our family. They walked with us through our journey step by step just as a friend would. 
Our precious baby was born prematurely and with health concerns. Lynn stayed with our birthmother in the hospital and comforted her and our baby as we traveled to Florida. Doctor Ken and Lynn continued to be available to our birthmother and her extended family after she returned home.
Our little girl had a lengthy stay in NICU. Once again, the entire Hope for Families staff embraced us as if we were family. They prayed for our baby daily, and they were instrumental in making a stressful situation into a time of peace and joy.
Bringing our baby home was an event that no words can describe. She was loved before she ever got here. Her brothers and sisters continue to hover over her and shower her with kisses and cuddles. They want her near them during all of our activities. We cannot imagine what it would be like if she was not with us; she is a part of our hearts.
We highly recommend Hope for Families for both birth families and adoptive families. The compassion and integrity they extend toward all those involved in an adoption is what makes a happy ending."

-Bob & Joanne

“I came across Hope for Families when I was looking for the perfect family for my daughter who was 19 months old at the time. I had looked over many agencies even before she was born but not one of them felt right. Doctor Ken and Lynn Brown who are the founders of Hope for Families were my first contacts at the agency and I instantly fell in love with the way they treated me. They talked to me like I was a human being and that I had feelings that should be considered in all of this. I had spent the last 19 months and even before my daughter was born looking for the right agency to facilitate her adoption. I was so happy when I came across Ken and Lynn. 
I could not ask for a better agency than Hope for Families Adoption. Granted things in my adoption did not really go the way they should have but that was in no way the agencies fault or Ken and Lynn’s. I found the perfect family for my little girl when I found Hope for Families. I really can’t say enough good things about this agency. They have always been on the other end of the line when I have needed someone to talk to or to just vent. They have always gone to bat for me in what most would consider the simplest of requests such as pictures that I had been promised by the adopting family. The family delayed in sending them but Ken and Lynn made sure I finally received the pictures. They really go the distance for their birth moms and genuinely care about you. 
My adoption was not the traditional adoption. My daughter was being adopted at 19 months old. I always knew that my daughter was meant for a family out there somewhere and Ken and Lynn helped me find that family. While I do not always agree with the decisions that my daughters adoptive family make for her I can’t complain about it really because this is what I have asked them to do. I asked them to make decisions in her best interest and I asked them to care for her and give her everything that her little heart desires and they have gone above and beyond to make sure my little girl is happy, healthy and loving life. If I would have never found Hope for families I don’t think that my little girl would have found her forever family. Ken and Lynn Thank you so much for doing everything you have done for me. You all are forever in my heart and my thoughts. Hope for Families will forever be a part of my life and I will always spread the word of their services to anyone who is in need of them.”

-K & E

"Hello, my name is Nicole. I am going to tell you a story. A true story about strength, weaknesses, courage, opportunity and enormous gratification. I am 35 years old and have been through good times, bad times, and many tough times. At the age of 34, I was living in Okeechobee when I found out that I was pregnant. The father was in jail and I was alone with no money and no job. I went to the Okeechobee Pregnancy Center and spoke with great counselors. I knew I had to make a decision. I was considering adoption again but wasn't sure. That's when I got to speak to Lynn Brown.
My next visit there, I got to meet both Ken and Lynn. What a wonderful experience. They are truly two angels sent from heaven for the sole purpose of making people's lives better and providing HOPE. That is why their agency is called HOPE FOR FAMILIES. 
I picked out wonderful adoptive parents. They have been married a while. They are financially secure, have lots of "things" - but they can't have children. These two wonderful people have been waiting for a child for three years. I could not even imagine!
I am sure that they were very excited when they received that call from Lynn saying that they were chosen by me and would be having a child soon.
Not long after they received that call did I get to talk to them. From that moment on I knew I had made the right choice. Their dreams of having a child were coming true and because all because of me and Hope for Families!
I shared this because I want other people to feel the satisfaction that I felt and still feel today by choosing adoption. It's a very unselfish and beautiful thing to do. I pray you make the right decision. I did.”


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