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Sean and Sarah

Dear expectant mother,

Words cannot express how grateful we are that you have chosen to give your baby the gift of a wonderful life and that you are considering us to share that life with him or her.  We are eager to share our story so that we can help you fulfill your hope of finding the best home for your precious baby, and so that you may help us complete our family.

Sean and I met in 2002.  During our six years of dating, we hiked through national parks, biked all around our city, and went scuba diving in the Caribbean.  These years of travel and adventure helped us form an unshakable bond and get to know one another on the most intimate level.  Playing with our young nephews fueled our interest in parenting, and before we were engaged, we began discussing our hopes of building our family through adoption. 

In 2008, we married in a beautiful waterfront ceremony.  Our family began to grow in 2009 with the adoption of our beloved cat, Lola.  Then, on Christmas Day 2010, we received the best present imaginable – our daughter, Natalie.  We are eternally grateful to her amazing birthmother, Paige, for giving Natalie the gift of life, and for giving us the gift of Natalie. 


Ever since she was a little baby, we have spoken openly and lovingly with Natalie about how she joined our family through adoption.  We enjoy keeping in touch with Paige through letters and pictures.  When Natalie was 4, we took a family trip to the town in Georgia where she was born and enjoyed a park play date with Paige.  Upon our arrival home, Natalie told me: “Mommy, I am the luckiest girl in the world, because Miss Paige lives close to us and we got to visit her.” Natalie has expressed a desire to adopt twins when she grows up!  If we have the privilege of parenting your baby, he or she will also grow up knowing about the love surrounding your decision to make an adoption plan. 

Education is a priority in our family.  Both of us have been fortunate to earn advanced degrees in exciting fields.  Natalie attends kindergarten at a small, nurturing private school where she adores her teachers and has many friends.  As our children blossom into young adults, we will encourage them to pursue higher education in a field that brings them joy, while assuring them of our unwavering love and support in whatever life path they choose.  Our goal is to raise our children to become smart, strong, and independent, with the ability to think critically and creatively and the confidence to achieve their goals. 

Both Sean and I are passionate about our professions which allow us to use our unique skills to help those in need.  Sean is an attorney who represents disabled veterans, and I am a clinical psychologist who treats teenagers with emotional problems.  We both own our own businesses with offices right around the corner from Natalie’s school.  We enjoy having the freedom and flexibility to be active participants in our children’s daily lives. 

Our family is beyond excited to welcome its newest member and finally give Natalie the sibling she has been wanting for so long.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making the brave and loving choice of adoption for your precious baby.




Sarah & Sean


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