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New Born Baby Adoption Program

Would you like to welcome a newborn into your life?  

Our New Born Baby Adoption Program assists you in adopting infants through private adoption.  

We work with expectant mothers (and fathers) who choose the adoption option for their baby and help them put together a plan that is best for where they are in their lives and for the future of the expectant child.

Generally, for families that join this program we find matches with our birth-mothers in approximately a year. The New Born Baby Adoption Program includes legal fees and can be broken down into 3 installments, plus birth-mother expenses which are limited by Florida Statutes and are "as needed". 

The state also requires adoptive families to have a licensed social worker or a licensed adoption agency assist you with an approved adoption home study and post placement reports after placement. We can assist with both of these state requirement's.

We commit to assisting you until you have adopted your baby. We will waive future agency fees if the adoption fails however the birth-mother expenses are at risk.

Click HERE to contact us for fees and an explanation of services.

Click HERE to view the New Born Adoption Program Brochure

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