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Evan and Leanne

Dear Birthmom,

Where do we start?  How do we write a letter to a stranger and ask them to choose us as the recipient of the most precious gift a woman has to offer?  We will try our best to convey who we are and what kind of life a child would have being loved and raised by us.

We are Evan and Leanne.  We have been married for just over 3 years and it is the 2nd marriage for each of us.  We have a 25 year old daughter from Leanne's previous marriage.  While Evan is technically a stepfather to Brianna, he treats her like she is his biologically.  It doesn't matter that she was grown and out of the house when we met.  Brianna adores him and loves spending time with him.  We also have a little boy named Sparky.  Okay - to clarify, he's a ‘little boy’ dog.  Our little pupper-poo is a 14 year old Boston Terrier.

Evan is a business owner and Leanne works as a project accountant for a consulting company.  We both work hard at what we do and because of that, we are fortunate enough to own our home as well as a rental property, both mortgage free.  We have a comfortable life that is balanced between working hard to provide for our family's future and enjoying life to the fullest by doing what we love.  We can’t wait to instill that same work ethic in a child while also teaching them to balance it with fun.

We have family in the area that we get together with often.  Whether it is family dinners, game nights, picnics, fishing trips on the boat, or road trips to Disney, we definitely enjoy our family time.  We also have a lot of family spread across the US and even a few family members in Germany.  Our family is super important to us.  Because they are so important to us, we count it as a blessing that they all support us 1000% (not a typo J) in our decision to adopt.  There will be oodles of love for a little one from big sis Brianna.  Sometimes it seems that she is as excited as we are for this to happen!  There are also 6 grandparents, 3 aunts, 5 uncles, 4 cousins and dozens of great aunts/uncles, 2nd/3rd cousins  - all waiting for a new member to join our family.  That is a LOT of love and support.

Our home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fenced in yard.  Right now it is one story, but we are planning an addition and it will have a 2nd floor within 3-4 years.  We have visions of large comfy couches, a large closet full of games/toys, and plenty of space for whatever interests our little one will end up having.  They will need a quiet space for homework and studying once they start school.  After homework is done, they will need space for fun!  Whether it is dancing, practicing Tae Kwon Do, or who knows what, we will encourage them in whatever their interests are.

We also own the lot across from our home and have started turning it into our own little park of sorts.  We have already selectively cleared the lot, leaving plenty of oaks to provide shady areas and places to hang hammocks.  There are flowers growing in some areas and lots of grassy space to walk barefoot.  We can’t wait for those cool November nights laying in a hammock or on a blanket and watching the Leonid meteor shower while sharing the wonder and beauty of the stars and planets.  We see afternoons spent planting seeds and watering gardens to later watch them grow and produce pretty flowers.

We have a wonderful life together, but it is missing the piece that would make it perfect. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get pregnant.  We found out Leanne had a medical condition that would require a hysterectomy.  The doctor gave us a year to get pregnant.  He said it wasn’t likely to happen, but he had seen many miracle babies in his career.  After 13 months with no miracle, the hysterectomy couldn’t be put off any longer and Leanne had surgery in 2014.  Now we are hoping for our miracle to happen through adoption.

We write this letter not knowing what you hope to find in a family for the child you are carrying.  We know that we would be a wonderful choice, and of course we hope for our family to grow very soon.  Whether you choose us or another deserving couple, we hope that you will be blessed with an easy decision and an easy pregnancy.

All of our respect and appreciation

Leanne and Evan

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